English Ancestors of the Fitches of Colonial Connecticut

Fytche Window at Lindsell "A superb account of the English ancestry of the Connecticut family This work is beautifully produced, with many appropriate illustrations." -- The American Genealogist

"The real strength of this book is its depiction of these individuals as actual people in their proper historical, geographic, and social context....Those descended from the four immigrants should find it truly fascinating."-- National Genealogical Society Quarterly

Not since Roscoe Conkling Fitch wrote his History of the Fitch Family in 1930 has anyone published an authoritative account of the antecedents of the four Fitch brothers who came to America from county Essex, England in the 1600s. Now you can read the unembellished true story of the English Ancestors of the Fitches of Colonial Connecticut in a new Fitch Family History by prize-winning author John T. Fitch.

First published in 1990, the book was critically acclaimed and quickly sold out! A second edition in 1994 contains many corrections, much new information, and several new illustrations.

And now, in 2003, the book is available as a CD, with some of the illustrations in color. The CD requires Adobe Reader, but if you don't already have this program, the CD also includes an installable version of the reader.

  • Life in England from 1400 to 1632, as told in six generations of the Fitches of Essex.
  • 286 pages, including 12 pages of front matter, Introduction, Genealogy, Bibliography, Glossary, Appendices, and Index.
  • 72 maps, documents, coats-of-arms, photographs, and other illustrations.
  • Origin of the Fitch name and the Fitch coats-of-arms.
  • Origin of the myth of a "Fitch Castle in the North."
  • Discussion of the spurious pedigrees from the "Visitations of Essex."
  • Published by Picton Press, printed on 60-pound acid-free paper, Smyth sewn, case bound in linen-covered boards, stamped in gold.
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