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Puritan in the Wilderness

A Biography of the Rev. James Fitch, 1622-1702

1654 Catechism by Rev. James Fitch

"A masterpiece of thorough investigative research, presented in a clear, flowing style....To interpret the life of the Reverend Fitch, his descendant provides background on the many interrelated political and religious issues of the time." -- National Genealogical Society Quarterly

"Certainly any descendant of James Fitch with even the vaguest interest in his or her family history ought to own and read this book." -- Branches & Twigs, Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Vermont

This fascinating biography won first prize in the 1994 Literary Awards Contest of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists in the Category of Family History. The award said, "The author has captured the mindset of his subject and enables readers to better understand the era in which the Reverend Fitch lived. CSG is honored and privileged to award first prize for this fine example of bringing history to life."

In this new second edition, you can read the unusual story of the Connecticut minister whom Cotton Mather called "the acute and holy Mr. Fitch." Puritan in the Wilderness covers a turbulent period in the history of colonial Connecticut, from the first fort at the mouth of the river to the beginning of the 18th century and the settlement of Lebanon.

The book is also available as a CD, with some of the illustrations in color. The CD requires Adobe Reader, but if you don't already have this program, the CD also includes an installable version of the reader.

  • The history of 17th century Connecticut colony through the life of one of its religious leaders.
  • 336 pages, including 16 pages of front matter, Introduction, 3-generation Genealogy, Bibliography, Glossary, Appendix, and every-name Index
  • 49 maps, photographs, and other illustrations.
  • Published by Picton Press, printed on 60-pound acid-free paper, Smyth sewn, case bound in linen-covered boards, stamped in gold.


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